How to Look After Your Diamond Ring

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How to Look After Your Diamond Ring

4 December 2015
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A diamond ring is something to be treasured, and if looked after properly, yours can retain its beauty without suffering damage. Contrary to popular belief, although diamond is a very hard substance, it can still be damaged.  Here's how to look after your diamond ring correctly so that it stays beautiful and unblemished forever.

Effective storage solutions for diamond rings

Some people like to keep their diamond rings on a 'ring tree' or small, open container in their bedroom. This is not a good idea as diamonds can be damaged by prolonged exposure to air pollutants and humidity. For this reason, you should always store your diamonds in a box.

Another important consideration for storing your diamond ring is to provide it with its own separate storage space.  Don't just put all your jewellery in a box together, as scratches can occur if diamond pieces rub against each other.  Choose a jewellery box with separate compartments that are large enough to accommodate your rings, but don't allow them to rattle around if the box is in transit. 

The compartments of your jewellery box should be lined with a soft, cushiony fabric that won't snag on a ring's claw settings. If the claws are pulled out of shape, there's a danger that the stones will become loose.

Daily care

Never wear your diamond ring when carrying out any sort of manual work, and always take the ring off when washing up, gardening or making beds.  This simple action prevents the risk of knocking the diamond against hard surfaces or potentially catching the setting and pulling the stone loose.

If you enjoy swimming, always take your diamond ring off before you go to the pool. Chlorine and other chemicals commonly used in swimming pools won't damage the diamond itself, but they could cause harm to some jewellery metals and other precious stones.


It's a good idea to have your diamond ring professionally cleaned every year or so.  A jeweller will be able to polish up the stone for you to get rid of any tiny scratches, as well as cleaning the setting.

In between pro cleans, soak your ring in a mild solution of warm water and washing-up liquid to remove any dust, grease and dead skin that's become trapped in the setting. Gently use an old, soft toothbrush to carefully dislodge dirt, and then rinse the ring in clean, warm water. Don't use a cloth to dry the ring in case you damage the settings; just let the piece air-dry.

In conclusion

Take good care of your diamond ring and keep it beautiful by following the care tips given above. Check your ring regularly to make sure that the stones are secure in their settings, and have the ring cleaned and polished professionally every year.

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