Want to Get Some Free Celebrity Endorsement for Your Handmade Jewellery? Here's What You Need to Do

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Want to Get Some Free Celebrity Endorsement for Your Handmade Jewellery? Here's What You Need to Do

10 December 2015
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No matter how beautiful your handmade jewellery might be, it can be difficult to compete for attention with all the other people in the same business. A free celebrity endorsement would be just the thing to set your pieces apart from other makers of handmade accessories. So how exactly do you get a celebrity to wear your pieces? It's all about choosing an appropriate candidate and then approaching them in the right way.

Discard Anyone Too Famous . . . They Will Already Get Too Many Offers for Such Things

While it would be lovely to see Nicole Kidman or Cate Blanchett wearing your designs on the red carpet, it's important to remember that many other designers will have already had the same idea. Aim for local, known faces who pop up in celebrity magazines and on websites. You might want to think about soap opera actors or reality TV stars—essentially anyone who might be taking the interest of the paparazzi. Time is of the essence if you opt for a reality TV star. They tend to be replaced after the current TV season has come to an end and will often fade from public awareness. You should also find a candidate whose style matches your brand. If your jewellery is wonderfully bright and flashy you should probably not approach a candidate whose accessories tend to be more subdued.

Approach the Celebrity through the Appropriate Channels

Send your handmade jewellery through a formal industry channel. A quick internet search will identify the celebrity's agent or publicist. Do not send it care of a TV show or production company as it will be less likely to reach the target.

Gift the Item

In your letter to the agent or publicist, clearly state that you are gifting the piece of jewellery to their client. Say that you admire their client's style and feel that your piece would complement  their look. If you gift it to them and they truly like it, there is the chance that they might wear it (and be photographed wearing it) more than once. You can suggest that a tweet or social media update from the celebrity would be nice as a thank you, but you certainly cannot oblige them to do so. Sadly, there are no other  guarantees from this point onwards. There is no obligation from the recipient to wear the piece, whether on the red carpet or otherwise.

Keep Looking

Set up a news alert for the celebrity. You will need to regularly check all new photographs of them, whether from their social media accounts or from magazine websites and others. You are of course looking for a photograph of the celebrity wearing your jewellery piece. In an ideal world, the celebrity or their representative would let you know when such a photograph would be published, but this is not always possible, so you need to do some detective work.

The Photograph

You need to obtain photographs of the celebrity wearing your piece if such photos appear online. If it's on a social media website, you can just repost the photos. If it's from a formal red carpet occasion, you will need to pay a licensing fee from the media agency that owns the photograph. It's important that you do not simply take the photographs without permission as you need to display them legally for the purpose of advertising.

Keep the Momentum Going

Parlay this exposure into additional coverage. Send pieces of your jewellery to influential fashion bloggers using the photographs of the celebrity wearing the piece as a selling point. The blogger would be more inclined to write about your jewellery if there is already a celebrity connection, and even more so if they receive a piece for themselves.

You might need to target a few celebrities before this method works, but it's worth a try; you never know what might happen!

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