Jewellry can be tied to a lot of emotions. If you are hanging on to jewellry for sentimental reasons, you are not alone! Read here to learn more.

How to Avoid Damaging Your Jewellery Pieces

8 June 2017
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If you have fine or expensive jewellery pieces, of course you want them to last and to stay in good repair for as long as possible. While the metals and gemstones used to make finer pieces of jewellery are more durable than those used for costume jewellery, how you handle those pieces will also affect their overall condition. Note a few tips for avoiding doing damage to your jewellery pieces so you handle them properly and keep them in good repair for as long as possible. Read More …

Investing in Vintage Watches

28 October 2016
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With economic conditions softening there is an increase in the availability of vintage watches for sale in Australia. Vintage watches not only look great on your wrist but also can appreciate in value, making them a great choice if you are looking to spend some money on a piece of jewellery. If you are looking at investing in vintage watches, here are some things to look for.  Avoid a 'franken-watch' Read More …

The Dummy’s Guide to Buying Your Girlfriend Diamonds for Valentine’s Day

30 December 2015
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Want to buy your girl diamonds for Valentine's Day? Don't know where to start? Don't worry! You're not the first, and you definitely won't be the last. Here's a handy guide on all you need to know to make the right choice. The 4 Cs Diamonds are graded in 4 ways: carat, clarity, colour and cut. Sound complicated? It's not as tough as you'd think.  Carat - Carat simply means weight – the higher the carat, the bigger the diamond. Read More …

Want to Get Some Free Celebrity Endorsement for Your Handmade Jewellery? Here’s What You Need to Do

10 December 2015
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No matter how beautiful your handmade jewellery might be, it can be difficult to compete for attention with all the other people in the same business. A free celebrity endorsement would be just the thing to set your pieces apart from other makers of handmade accessories. So how exactly do you get a celebrity to wear your pieces? It's all about choosing an appropriate candidate and then approaching them in the right way. Read More …

How to Look After Your Diamond Ring

4 December 2015
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A diamond ring is something to be treasured, and if looked after properly, yours can retain its beauty without suffering damage. Contrary to popular belief, although diamond is a very hard substance, it can still be damaged.  Here's how to look after your diamond ring correctly so that it stays beautiful and unblemished forever. Effective storage solutions for diamond rings Some people like to keep their diamond rings on a 'ring tree' or small, open container in their bedroom. Read More …

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I have a huge collection of earrings. I'm such a klutz and I keep losing single earrings when I'm out. I've decided I'm going to go through them and write the story of each pair of earrings, and then I'll decide whether to hang on to one that isn't missing, get a new earring made or recycle them. It's hard to throw them away because a lot of my jewellery has sentimental meaning or funny stories attached to it. I think that by recording all of the stories associated with my jewellery I might be able to move on and create some new beautiful jewellery.