Jewellry can be tied to a lot of emotions. If you are hanging on to jewellry for sentimental reasons, you are not alone! Read here to learn more.

Two Tips for Those Who Plan to Give a Piece of Custom Jewellery to a Loved One

5 December 2019
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When they want to give a loved one a present on a special occasion, many people opt to give pieces of customjewellery. If this is something you're planning to do, you should bear both of these tips in mind. Look for a pretty object that you already own that the jeweller can integrate into the item they create for you It's worth looking for a small, pretty object that you can have the jeweller integrate into the piece of jewellery that they create for you. Read More …

2 tips for owners of fashion accessory shops who want to start selling jewellery

20 February 2019
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If you own a shop that sells a range of fashion accessories and you want to start offering your customers jewellery too, you may find the tips below to be quite helpful. Find out what jewellery your customer demographic likes before ordering your supply Before getting in touch with a jewellery supplier and ordering some items from them, you should research your customer demographic to find out what type of jewellery they would want to buy from you. Read More …

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I have a huge collection of earrings. I'm such a klutz and I keep losing single earrings when I'm out. I've decided I'm going to go through them and write the story of each pair of earrings, and then I'll decide whether to hang on to one that isn't missing, get a new earring made or recycle them. It's hard to throw them away because a lot of my jewellery has sentimental meaning or funny stories attached to it. I think that by recording all of the stories associated with my jewellery I might be able to move on and create some new beautiful jewellery.